Rani by Neha Mahajan

Hellooo everyone! I am completely thrilled about this new venture (www.ranibymahajan.com) and want to start off by introducing myself. India is one of the most colorful, picturesque, and fun places in the world but people who have been to Delhi know what a nightmare it is to get around. Not only is traffic almost always in gridlock, finding the place you’re looking for is a hassle and a half! I experienced this first hand while shopping for my wedding in New Delhi. I grew up in the USA and traveled to Delhi to plan my wedding, it was then I realized that navigating Delhi can be stressful (and who wants to be stressed out while shopping for what should be the happiest day of their lives!) After my wedding, I relocated to Delhi and fell into the newlywed routine. After a few months, I started getting phone calls from friends and friends of friends who were coming to Delhi to shop and needed some help maneuvering around. It was then I realized that despite the irritating Delhi traffic, despite the heat and the dust, and despite the arguments with vendors, finding someone exactly what they were looking for…well that’s my passion! That realization was what led me to start my business. Rani by Neha Mahanjan aims to make your life easier. Instead of wasting away your precious time trying to argue with vendors and find boutiques, you can get in touch with our team and we’ll take care of all of that. Having someone in your corner to hash out details and make sure deadlines are met is exactly what every bride needs to ensure that her big day goes off without a hitch.

Our services are not only limited to bridal parties. If you’re visiting Delhi for the first time and want to get a lot done, but don’t really know where to start, my team can help you navigate through the clutter! Sometimes traveling to India is not possible but sacrificing style and quality is not an option either. My team can help there as well, we use modern technology to help our clients find the styles and trends that speak to them. From the ultra luxe DLF Emporio Mall to the world famous Chandni Chowk, we know the best places to shop and get stuff done in Delhi.

Have you been worried about finding the perfect outfit or jewelry set for your upcoming event? What about finding a calligrapher to address those invitations? Go ahead and email us at info@ranibymahajan.com! We look forward to hearing from you.